Facebook Icons 2020 Vkitext – Light Up Your Fancy Text w/ Endless Emotions!

Icons are symbols and doodles that can appear a lot on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more as fancy text. Now, the point of these icons is to easily express your feelings and mood to others. Write them in length for more amazing results.

What are Facebook Icons Used For?

  • You can insert these icons into your Fanpage while also running Facebook ads to attract attention, customers, and a higher conversion rate.
  • Create pictures full of emotions with friends and relatives through comments, statuses, or messages.
  • Reduce the boredom of content you try to convey and share with others.
  • Highlight text to emphasize content, readability, and appeal.

Keeping up with today’s demand, Vkitext has updated the newest and most complete Facebook Icons (Emojis) of 2019 - 2020 for you to choose from. Including: Happy, Sad, Laughing, Crying, Heart Symbols, Animals, Flowers, and more great fancy text icons!

How to Copy and Apply Facebook Icons

  • You can find an icon by clicking on the "Search" box (Note: Write in English offline! 😅)
    Example: Smile
  • Select the icon you like and it will be automatically copied for you. If you aren’t happy with the icon, you can deselect it.
  • If you want to completely change your option, you can also press "clear".