ASCII Characters are a Super Weird & Unique Artistic Style at Vkitext


Have you ever seen images or symbols created from just text and characters? If so, now is your chance to try for yourself, at Vkitext.Com. ASCII Alphabet Puzzle in white and black bring a unique way to add fancy text for anyone to see. Vkitext ASCII Art Puzzle collection has a variety of images to pick. Try them all: Heart, People, Animals, Skulls, Tattoos, Weapons, Sports, etc...

What Are These Puzzle Character Used for?

Imagine: filling your social media, Facebook comments, statuses, messages with these images, created from special characters will attract loads of attention. Both, from your friends and relatives. So come, make a new personal page, newsfeed, etc…

What are you waiting for? These ASCII Art-Themed Characters are the perfect way to express your feelings and sending your thoughts all those around!