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Name Terraria
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If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you have some great experiences with you. But did you know that there are similar games to that which is in 2D? Terraria is a 2D sandbox adventure game developed by Re-Logic and released in May 16, 2011. This game was inspired by a lot of others including Minecraft.

But in here, you get to explore different worlds every single time! There are no set objectives right at the bat and it could be confusing for beginners. However, it’s familiar to those who’ve played Minecraft and Roblox before. So, whether you’re a beginner who’ve only just started playing or a veteran now, this guide is for you. Hopefully, you’ll learn a lot about what this game is and how to play it here.

A Vast Adventure

Adventure games have been around for quite some time now. They’ve been popularized by games such as Minecraft and Roblox. But now, we have Terraria which took the gaming world by storm. Console and PC players loved this game which allowed it to make its way to the mobile gaming world.


In its simplest description, this game is like Minecraft but in 2D. But beyond that, it offers more than what meets the eye. In here, you can explore vast worlds – some good and some evil, fight enemies, craft weapons and armors, discover new items, 20 NPCs to discover and many more! This game offers a good amount of adventure and combat that a lot of players appreciate. Basically, you’ll enjoy a lot of back and forth in this game that will truly test your survival skills!

Stunning Features of Terraria

Terraria is a unique game that borrows a lot of elements from games such as Minecraft. Nevertheless, it brings a solid gameplay, retro graphics and many more to look forward to. Here are its features:

Multiplayer – What truly makes adventure games significantly more fun is when you can play with your friends in it! In Terraria, you can play with up to 7 friends on local WiFi or online and enjoy surviving in the wild. Here, there are tons of worlds to conquer and it’s in your best interest to work together to achieve a common goal of surviving. Fight enemies together, craft weapons together and enjoy experiences together like never before! If you’re an adventure-type gamer, then this is the one to play with your friends and family.


Mine, craft and collect – Like Minecraft, Terraria presents similar mechanisms such as mining, crafting, and collecting. Here though, you’ll only be able to see one side of your house because its in 2D. However, it’s enough to build some crazy houses and buildings as you like. And as you explore nearby places such as caves, you can collect resources that you can use to build and craft items. That’s how you expand your collection in this survival game. You can collect over 3500 items! There are literally tons of items to find everywhere if you just look. However, things aren’t as simple as that as you’ll find out below.

Fight enemies – Even though this is an adventure game, you’ll still encounter and fight over 300 enemies! There are plenty to fight, defeat and plunder to get valuable resources! In here, nothing is wasted as you can collect what’s left. Aside from that, there are plenty of enemies to fight in every biome there is. Of course, you can’t face them with low level weapons and armors. You must continually level yourself up in order to eliminate the enemies easily. Once you do, you can enjoy the game with plenty of action and adventure all around!

Explore over 20 Biomes – What makes this game such a delight to play with is the existence of a variety of biomes. There are over 20 biomes and mini-biomes you can freely explore and loot from. There are deserts, caves, mountains and many more! Each of the biomes presents unique opportunities and resources for you to collect. Of course, you need to level yourself up before you can even go to the other biomes! There are evil biomes that await in Terraria! You need to be careful as there are places that are filled with evil forces.


Fight Bosses – Aside from that, this game features plenty of bosses you will fight with! These will give plenty of resources for you if you take them down. Aside from that, you can participate in events to test your skills! Can you take down the bosses and take on the whole world to yourself?

Retro Graphics and Controls – Like Minecraft, Terraria features 8-bit pixelated graphics that works well in games like these. The only difference is that this is a side-scroller platformer game while Minecraft is 3D. Even so, you can enjoy the unique perspective that the game brings. As for the controls, it’s made well and you can even customize it your preference!

Beginner Tips for Terraria

Craft gears – At the start of the game, you’re given gear that aren’t too impressive. Of course, these are the default ones. This means that you need to find a better sword and armor to defend yourself against enemies! To do this, you need to chop down some trees.


Explore carefully – At the start, it’s wise to explore the area surrounding you to see if there’s any danger ahead. But, don’t forget to be careful!

Where to Download and Price of Terraria


Terraria is an adventure game that takes you to new biomes to fight enemies, explore places and collect items! Enjoy it with your friends and family!



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