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Download Roblox now so your kids can play and have unlimited excitement. Visit and explore different worlds that are created by other players.


Additional Information of Roblox APK 2.477.421716

Name Roblox
Requirements 4.4
Version 2.477.421716
Size 93M
Developer Roblox Corporation
Get it on com.roblox.client
Updated 2020-07-23
Price Free


An Overview of Roblox

This is a little bit tricky initially because it is different from other games you’ve been getting in the past. Roblox is a platform that places much emphasis on creating and sharing games with players.

It was developed and officially debuted in 2006 by Roblox Corporation. However, its beta released was in 2004. Roblox is a creative platform for users to create games with the Roblox Studio.


The main attraction of Roblox is its ability to offer tons of games created by other users. This platform currently has over 100 million active users. It is currently one of the most popular game development suites.

Analysis of the game uses that over 28 billion hours have been played on the game since 2008. A further breakdown revealed over 1.2 billion hours of monthly engagement with a peak of 2.7 million monthly users. This goes further to prove the popularity of Roblox. Enjoy the awesomeness of this amazing gaming platform.

Beautiful Creations

There are many worlds to explore in the game, all of which are created by other players. This is because the focus of some players is on the creative aspect, while others focus on playing the games.

You’ll find different types of content on this platform, from simply designed games to those with nuanced and deep design. You also find content that lies between these two types.

It also features an intuitive search function to make it easy for younger players to find their preferred creations games.

A wider variety of creations on this platform were inspired by some of the most popular IP or games. You’ll find some games with similarities to Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Battle Franchises on Roblox.


It is important to note that there are also some games that are originally created on Roblox. For example, Work at a Plaza Place, which is a wildly popular game created by user Dued1. There is no limitation to what you can play on Roblox. Whether it’s a racing game, RPG, shooter, or MMO, you’ll find it on Roblox.

The diverse number of options on Roblox is the main reason why it is spellbound millions of players. These experiences also include films and animations in addition to several interactive pieces.

Lua programming language is what is used by creators to impact events for each game. This programming language will allow you to convert beautiful static scenes into an actual game. The creations usually have a different amount of interactivity. Detailed worlds in Roblox can either be complicated and fun or simply aesthetically pleasing.

Setting Up a Child’s Account

One of the most important things to do when you register your child on Roblox is to fill their correct age. This is because there are varied privacy and security settings for players depending on their age.

You’ll find the age range of your child in the navigation bar on the upper-right corner: “<13 or 13+.” There is the option to edit the age if your child did the setup process. You’ll find this in the account settings section.

One of the interesting things about Roblox is the ability to weed out problematic communication and bad words. This is enabled by the filters it uses, which makes it suitable for children’s use.


Players under age 12 are automatically placed on controlled settings when they signup. This is to ensure that they can only send messages to friends they accept on Roblox. Players above 13 can say more words than <13 players.

A detailed review of user-uploaded images is carried out by human moderators before the images are posted. Parents should note that there are user-created games that may not be suitable for younger players.

It is important to note that access to a subset of curated games can be restricted. You’ll find the Account Restrictions settings in the Security menu, under the Security tab. Maximum security is ensured on Roblox; it ensures that players are protected from people they don’t like.

Interesting Features in Roblox

The popularity of Roblox is attributed to so many features, among which included those that help to maintain privacy.

Here are some of these features

  • Blocking Features: Players who pester or annoy your child can be blocked so that your child can’t access their posts. These players will not have access to your child’s post as well. This is a nice way to prevent them from contacting your child.
    • Locate the user in the player list
    • Click on the player, and select Block User.


  • Reporting in Game: You can also report while in the game. Here’s how you can do this.
    • Select the Menu button on the top left corner of the screen. This looks like three stacked lines on each other.
    • Select the flag icon beside the player’s name or select Report at the top. You’ll be advised to complete the form.
  • Reporting on the Website: There is a Report Abuse link made available for every player-created asset. This link will send a report for moderation to Roblox’s system. You’ll find this in red lettering at the bottom of the description box. Complete the form,

Where to Get it

Visit the following link if you want to download Roblox:

Roblox is also available on Amazon, and you can get it through this link:


Improve your child’s gaming experience with this amazing game. Explore the different games created by other players and play with friends for the fun of it. Download Roblox now so your kids can start exploring different worlds.


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