Clash Royale APK 3.5.0

Download Clash Royale and prepare yourself for one of the best free battle arena games out there. Invest yourself in the game’s unique mechanics and powerful action system for an experience like no other!


Additional Information of Clash Royale APK 3.5.0

Name Clash Royale
Requirements 4.1
Version 3.5.0
Size 107M
Developer Supercell
Get it on com.supercell.clashroyale
Updated 2020-04-17
Price Free


A Quick Look at the Background to Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the few games to have reached 1 billion dollars in sales in less than a year. Although the game is free to download, it makes money through in game purchases and transactions.

The core elements of this game combine a large multiplayer online platform, collectible card, and tower defense strategy. Officially released on March 2nd, 2016, this game is one of the most popular in the mobile gaming industry.


Clash Royale received largely positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. The main elements of the game that were praised included content to keep you busy for several weeks if not months, and the fun you have while playing it.

Indeed, the game became the most downloaded app on the iOS app store.

The success of the game led to the creation of the Clash Royale League. This is the official E sports world championship. $1,000,000 in prize money was awarded in 2018.

The game has already received numerous awards and nominations, and looks like it’s going to be a great success in the future as well!

Gameplay in Clash Royale

This game is generally played in a tower rush format. Players can vary from 2 to 4. This means that you will be put in a one versus one or two versus 2 combat system.

The objective of the game will be to destroy the towers of your opposition, however destroying the main tower known as the “King’s Tower” grants you immediate victory.

In the event that both players are equally matched even 3 minutes into the game, the game goes into overtime. This is a special 2-minute time in which destroying any single opposing tower grants the player victory. even then, if the players are still unable to destroy a tower, all towers in the game begin to lose health. The tower with the least health is destroyed and the opposite player is given victory.


Rather than a traditional scoreboard system, Clash Royale ranks players based on the number of trophies they have won. The greatest level in the game is 13.

Trophies can be gained through multiplayer battles. Be careful though, this is also how you will lose trophies.

Special Features in Clash Royale

Making the difference in the game depends on:

  • Cards: Before you take to the battlefield, you are allowed to build yourself a deck of 8 cards. These are divided into soldiers, buildings, and magic to be used. Try out different combinations to see how you are able to best play the game. Each card requires various amounts of “Elixir” to play, and since this is limited, you should be careful with how you want to use them.
  • Trade Tokens: These were introduced in 2018. Their primary function is to allow players to trade cards amongst each other.


  • Clans: Joining a clan is the best way to fully experience in this game. Clan members can chat and trade with each other, and take part in both friendly battles, and all-out clan wars. Be a part of this game’s community for the most fun you’ll ever have!
  • Clan Wars: There are two parts to a clan war: Collection Day, and War Day. In the first part, each player in a clan must do 3 different battles in a variety of settings. The different game modes make sure to keep things interesting! In order to make it to War Day, at least 10 players from a clan must do a minimum of 1 battle each. Winning clan wars lets you reap some of the greatest spoils in the game!
  • Quests: For the players looking for a simpler route to gain experience points, or wanting a casual reward system, this game added quests. These are a set of objectives that reward the player. They can be played every 4 hours, 3 times a day at most.


  • Variety in gaming modes: Clash Royale comes with a wide array of “Arena” challenges for you to choose from. With constants updates to the game, you definitely won’t be getting bored any time soon!
  • Private battles: If the big stage isn’t for you, or you just aren’t feeling it, you can play privately with your friends. Enjoy to the maximum and claim bragging rights! This is also a great way to practice.

Get Clash Royale Now

The game is available on both Android and iOS. You can get it through the following links:


This game took different elements of a great gaming experience and used them together superbly! You will surely start to feel more and more competitive as you play the game. With a system that rewards strategy and a tactical approach, this game is a must-try for sure!



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